The Computer Bastard is a programmer, systems analyst/administrator and scientist who enjoys helping people solve computing related problems.  Computing systems are tools designed for people. Without the end user, there is no reason for computers or guys like me to exist. Despite the “Bastard” moniker, users are customers to me, and I don’t abuse customers (“move!”). So why am I the Computer “Bastard?” – it’s a long and mildly amusing story that won’t be covered here.

In one previous life I was a hydrogeologist and geophysicist working to solve and investigate groundwater and soils contamination problems. In another, I worked with transportation engineers to help build and maintain better roads and bridges.

My computational systems experience includes everything from enterprise level Linux systems, high performance computing (HPC), as well as Windows PCs and Macbooks. I program in Python, Perl, C/C++, Fortran, Bash, Sed, Awk, and almost everything else (I do hate Java). This blog will cover a wide range of scientific and engineering issues, including overlap areas like digital privacy and speech, government policy, and even statistics.

Suggestions and questions are welcome.

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