IaaS: Danger! Unexpected Risks Lie Ahead

Businesses and other organizations have been migrating with gusto to IaaS vendors like Amazon AWS to save money on bare metal infrastructure and reduce administrative costs. While there are some substantial benefits to delegating compute infrastructure to the “pros” there are some perilous risks which are only now, becoming apparent.

Remember, when someone else controls your compute/information infrastructure, that reduces your day-to-day worries but at the cost of ultimate control. As those who “offend” in our increasingly authoritarian and thin-skinned society are now discovering – piss off AWS, and your infrastructure can be flicked off like a light switch.

If you think this will end with social media mavericks like Parler, stop and consider what your risk profile might look like to tech giants who are increasingly emboldened to stomp on any and all ideas or practices they don’t like. Let’s look past unpopular opinions. Sell firearms or accessories? Support charitable organizations or religious denominations that the woke Silicon Valley Oligarchs don’t like? Maybe one of your corporate officers posted something that went viral on social media? You might be on the menu.

Amazon, Google, Facebook et al will ride under the banner of “private enterprise” and “we reserve the right to deny service to anyone” and their government enablers will allow them to get away with it whilst they shield them with Section 230.

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.

— George Orwell

Like the French Revolution, the Great Reset oppression of personal choice, association and speech will not long be limited to the fringes. These movements have a strong tendency to begin “eating their own” in fairly short order.

Hedge your bets ladies and gents – your business and ability to communicate may depend on it.

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