Covid-19: Overreactions, Economic Destruction, Supply Chain Disruptions

Leave it to the Enemy-of-the-People ™ to complain that:

  • Trump is a dictator
  • Trump is not enough of a dictator
  • Trump is a racist for calling Covid-19 the “China Virus” (even though that term is totally consistent with colloquial disease naming through the centuries)
  • Ignore the fact that China hid Covid-19 for weeks and lied to the WHO, then blamed the virus on the “American military”
  • Whip up hysteria in the public to precipitate panic reactions
  • Condemn people for panicking
  • Call for open borders
  • Then call for a national lockdown (whilst keeping borders wide open)
  • Rinse and repeat
It’s a Fucking Chinese Virus

The spectacle we are currently witnessing is less about Covid-19 than it is further confirmation of the utter fecklessness and dysfunctionality of our public leaders and institutions. Instead of preserving the smooth functioning of society and using testing and social isolation for vulnerable and infected individuals (like South Korea has done so successfully), the ruling class looks at the problem from their one-way bubble and decides to enact “solutions” without consideration for consequences.

Governor Gretchen “Miss Piggy” Whitmer is a case in point. She has shutdown seemingly everything – restaurants, bars, churches, schools, government buildings, government services, spas, movie theatres… the list is endless. Her directives are vague, and she has threatened the public with law enforcement action (even while local police are saying they won’t respond to many property and personal crimes). I did notice that although the local Sheriff told residents they were suspending most of their operations, they HAVE been running radar speed-traps on the road to my home. So I guess they have the resources for continuing “enhanced revenue collection.”

George Friedman from Geopolitical Futures (GPF) has an excellent piece on how indiscriminate and draconian Covid-19 responses pose a threat to vital links in the supply chain. Copyright prevents me from republishing the entire article, but here are a few pearls I think I can share:

What we know for sure is that the world’s governments are kicking the can down the road, hoping that later is better than now. It’s not an irrational plan, but it does come with economic costs, not the least of which involve supply chains. What we need to survive must travel from where it’s made to our homes, and every step along the chain is at risk of breaking down.

…the problem is that the food supply chain and social distancing, not to mention quarantine, run against each other. No matter how automated it has become, it is staffed by people who deliver products to people. Warehouses still employ human workers. Truckers and loaders go from one node in the supply to the next. Stockers and cashiers touch food packaging. The list goes on. It is not that the quarantine is ineffective; it’s that it runs counter to the principles of its intent.

George Friedman – “Quarantine and the Supply Chain”

The more you shutdown, the more obstacles you place in the path of the links of the supply chain, the higher the risk that everything falls apart. If the quarantines break or significantly disrupt that delicate chain, people will go hungry, sick people won’t get treated, and normal life begins to disintegrate.

I have a friend with cancer who is in immediate need of a bone marrow transplant. That was scheduled for earlier this week but it was cancelled “for her own protection” over the Covid-19 hysteria. We hope her treatment is not delayed to the point where her chances of survival are threatened, but it might. Putting it another way, how many people do these “solutions” harm – short and long term – and how does that balance against the threat of Covid-19? No one is really asking that question.

Indeed, there are indications that up to 86% of the “infected” don’t even know it, because they are either asymptomatic or have extremely mild symptoms. People in this category won’t or can’t get tested, so we don’t know the denominator (total infected), and thus cannot accurately say what the true “fatality rate” is. So what happens if a year or so down the line we figure out that the fatality rate from Covid-19 is not much different than seasonal flu? That would mean we trashed the economy, destroyed savings and retirements, and harmed people unnecessarily for no good reason.

Worst of all, the draconian restrictions on travel; the increased debt load (probably in the trillions); and social monitoring will probably NEVER go away. Just as the Patriot Act was enacted as an emergency measure in the wake of 911 (and never went away), this I fear, will be much the same story. Government will then use these new “tools” to abuse and infringe upon our rights in the same way they’ve used the FISA courts.

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  1. It is obvious the Liberal objective of destroying our Country is endemic from the Speaker of the House (NANNY PLOXWSHIT), Senate minority tool (CHUCK U SCHUMER) all the way down to our GOOBERNER (WRETCHED NIT-WHITMER). THEY HATE THE COUNTRY – MORE THAN THEY LOVE THE PEOPLE! They subscribe to the Hillary- Obama mentor Sol Alinski author of (THEIR BIBLE) Rules for Radicals. Destroy the Country from within by overwhelming the systems by using lower economic groups of society to demand power, equality, (REDISTRIBUTION of WEALTH) and open borders to result in the ULTIMATE RESET with them in control. Alinski’s book after all is dedicated to the ORIGINAL RADICAL, LUCIFER. Evidence of where they come from!

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