FDA Designates Some Snus Products as Less Harmful Than Cigarettes

In an historic first, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has designated eight (8) Swedish Match General Snus products as a less harmful alternative to cigarettes.


FDA Authorizes Company to State that Use of General Snus Instead of Cigarettes Puts Users at a Lower Risk of Mouth Cancer, Heart Disease, Lung Cancer, Stroke, Emphysema and Chronic Bronchitis.

Swedish Match News, Oct 22, 2019

The varieties of Swedish Match products that currently qualify for the FDA’s “Modified Risk Tobacco Product” (MRTP) designation are:

  • General Loose
  • General Dry Mint Portion Original Mini
  • General Portion Original Large
  • General Classic Blend Portion White Large-12ct
  • General Mint Portion White Large
  • General Nordic Mint Portion White Large-12ct
  • General Portion White Large
  • General Wintergreen Portion White Large

FINALLY, at long last some acknowledgement from an official source that Snus is not “just as evil” as cigarette usage.

Now maybe the AMA and AHA fucktards will decide to pull their heads out of their asses. The American medical establishment is dominated by zealot extremists. So long as our doctors persist in their extremist views on everything from tobacco to weight, people will not feel able to make practical changes that could improve their health and longevity. Extremist restriction is seldom the answer to problems that are best addressed pragmatically. But pragmatism still isn’t an accepted approach in the healthcare establishment.

On a related but side-note: I’d like to take this FDA ruling and shove it up my old dentist’s ass. I stopped going to him several years ago because (among other things) he went nuts when he found out I was using Snus (despite my offer to provide him with scientific evidence about harm reduction). He threatened to biopsy my gums every 6-months if I didn’t quit as some sort of punishment (since there was no evidence of actual pathology). What a dick. Now he’s my ex-dentist and my I’ve told my current dentist nothing about my Snus use – for good reason.

So the result of this kind of behavior is that people can’t be honest with their healthcare providers about their lifestyle, lest they be bludgeoned about the head by righteously indignant “professionals”. How is that a good approach to improving public health?

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