Canadian Healthcare: Fantasies of the Proletariat

During a recent dinner with some Canadian acquaintances, our hostess went on a mini-rant about how “terrible” it was for American women to have children because of our “dreadful” healthcare system. (Interestingly, this came on the heels of our complaints about how Canadian healthcare had treated my father-in-law.)

According to all of the other cat-ladies at the pool, we were told that American women were not having children because they cannot afford the healthcare costs. I found this confusing, because of the women I know, NONE have complained about the healthcare costs associated with child birth. Indeed, most are covered by private insurance. Among the welfare class, having more than 2 kids is pretty standard, since our own socialized healthcare system (Medicaid) picks up the tab. I DO however, hear women complain about the high cost of DAYCARE, something with which I’m sure Canadian families also struggle.

When I tried to point this out, I was – predictably – talked over very loudly and vociferously.

So let’s take a look at something that every progressive cat-lady hates – numbers. Presented below is the raw birth rate comparison between Canada and the United States:

Notice anything interesting?

According to World Population Review, the fertility rate in the U.S. is ~1.9 live births per female, and the Canadian rate is <1.6. For reference, the replacement rate (the rate which must be attained to maintain population not counting immigration or emigration) is 2.1. So while the U.S. is struggling (as are all Western countries), Canada is in the shits.

So it looks like the supposed “shitty” U.S. healthcare system can still support a substantially higher fertility and live birth rate than the “superior” Canadian system.

Of course Canada does have an “out”, of sorts. A plan to import as many as 350,000 people annually from the third world

61% of Canada’s population growth comes from immigration

Adding 350K low skilled welfare recipients to your over-burdened healthcare system every year? Doesn’t sound like a great strategy kids. On the plus side, the sustainability of the know-it-all Canadian cat-lady population doesn’t look so rosy.


A recent article in the Washington Examiner details the uniquely American phenomenon known as “Birth Tourism”. According to the Examiner (relying on data from the Center for Immigration Studies), 39,000 births occur annually in the United States. These births are attributed to:

foreign students, guest workers and others on long-term temporary visas

The Center for Immigration Studies goes a bit further, pointing out that there are another 33,000 births in the U.S. annually by “foreign tourists”, bringing the total to 72,000 foreign births every year.

Wow, our “shitty” healthcare sure is popular with foreigners! Maybe they should go to Canada instead? Just sayin’.

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