China’s Auschwitz

China stands accused of incarcerating millions of ethnic Uighurs in “reeducation” (concentration) camps. According to those few who have escaped, inmates are subjected to gang rape, grotesque forms of torture, summary execution, and bizarre medical experiments.

Meanwhile, globalist money interests in the West continue to wring their hands over trade deals. Others in the Progressive movement dare to compare migrant camps in U.S. border states – where people WILLINGLY GO in the hopes of gaining entry into the U.S. – to Auschwitz. Unlike Auschwitz or the Uighur camps of China, U.S. migrant detainees are free to go back home, and failing that, are provided food, shelter, medical care, legal assistance, and are not impressed into forced labor.

To say otherwise is a gross affront to the millions who suffered at the hands of the Nazis and Stalinists, and the millions of Uighurs who now suffer under the iron hand of Chinese President Xi Jinping.

I’ve been to Auschwitz-Birkenau, and I’ve known holocaust survivors. I’ve known former slaves/prisoners of Communist regimes, and survivors of Soviet gulags. From their descriptions and the copious volumes of history available on these horrific crimes against humanity, we have absolutely NO EXCUSE to deny what the Chinese are currently doing to the Uighurs.

As was true during World War II, we know what’s going on and are turning a blind eye. Anyone who ignores what is happening now is just as guilty as those who knew what Hitler was doing and did nothing.

Never forget?” – apparently humanity has learned absolutely nothing.

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