Green Agenda Leads to Power Grid Failures

We’ve had 2 multi-day blackouts covering large areas of Michigan over the last few months due to power lines being downed during relatively mild storm activity. It begs the question why the power infrastructure is proving so fragile during relatively common weather conditions? Moreover, why are the outages extended over 3-5 days, instead of hours, or perhaps 1-2 days?

One potential answer is that power companies are expending disproportionate resources for “green energy” projects to appease government policy morons. More money for “green” translates into less preventive maintenance and fewer upgrades to existing infrastructure.

Consumers Energy sends me regular “surveys” to complete (I’m part of their consumer feedback panel), and virtually all of their questions – like 99% – deal with green energy, green energy branding, and expanding “renewables”. My feedback is something generally along the lines of “fix your fucking infrastructure, and dump the green nonsense” (a bit more politely phrased). Consumer’s stated policy is that they intend to “power Michigan with 90% clean energy” – yeah, in a place where the sun rarely shines and that is basically terrible for wind generation. Great idea guys!

Now we have an example that seems to validate my hypothesis, and it comes from California. The state’s primary public utility, PG&E has cut power to millions of Californians as a preventive measure to protect against wildfires that could be started by their crumbling power grid.

For years the utility skimped on safety upgrades and repairs while pumping billions into green energy and electric-car subsidies to please its overlords in Sacramento. Credit Suisse has estimated that long-term contracts with renewable developers cost the utility $2.2 billion annually more than current market power rates.

WSL Oct. 10, 2019

So the utility is spending $2.2 billion more than it takes in to support green energy boondoggles.

I’ve watched as no less than THREE Michigan governors (Granholm, Snyder, and Witmer) have demanded that Michigan utility companies spend more money on renewables, while pushing for coal plant shutdowns. Additionally, utility requests to build more plants (likely natural gas) have been systematically denied.

So if you live in Michigan, California, or pretty much anywhere else, and you were wondering why your electric utilities are so much less reliable than they used to be, you now have the answer. Enjoy the dark!

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