Cloud Fail: Ransomware hits dentists offices

Hundreds of U.S. dentist office systems were simultaneous hit with the REvil (Sodinokibi) ransomware. This was only possible because hundreds of dental practices use CLOUD BASED infrastructure to manage their patient records.

Successfully attack the cloud infrastructure serving any business community (dental, medical, legal, etc) and the potential payoffs are HUGE – nothing less than the complete unfettered infiltration of hundreds or even thousands of “trusting” local systems nationwide.

For this reason, cloud infrastructure presents a juicy target for organized cyber criminal organizations – one that is infinitely more alluring than targeting an isolated system in one business office.

I know barely anyone reads this blog, but if you are one of the few, please take away this point – the “cloud” is someone else’s computer system. Your security is entirely in their hands, and they are big targets (fish) in a huge ocean of computer networks and systems. Their shear size makes them tempting targets for pros who have the wherewithal to expend the resources to breach them. Sometimes, obscurity is good security.

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