Exploding Macbooks: Apple at the top of my Shit List

I have a mid-2015 Macbook Pro that was, until recently, the best laptop I’ve ever owned. I noticed a few months ago that the battery was getting scary hot. Then finally, just this month, I received an email from Apple saying my Macbook was being recalled for a faulty battery that can overheat, and even explode. Is Apple channeling Ford and their infamous Pinto exploding fuel tanks, or what?

Macbook Battery Explosion: Guess this bloke didn’t get a recall notice in time

Interesting, since I discovered that the actual recall was “officially” announced 2 months ago. Interesting, because Apple is not willing to extend my warranty, even though their overheating battery may have damaged or degraded internal components. I wonder if Apple intends to compensate the poor bloke whose Macbook exploded (see above)?

Even worse, I had to take my laptop to the fast-talking, no-nothing Millennial drones at the Eastwood Apple Store, who immediately insisted on having the password to my encrypted hard drive (no). That was 4 days ago, and according to the repair status page at Apple, these fucker STILL haven’t shipped out my laptop. That’s considering Apple is saying that under the best circumstances, I will have to wait 1-2 weeks for a repair – that’s assuming the numb-nuts at the Eastwood Apple Store can get off their asses and ship the bloody thing.

Even worse, the “geniuses” at the “genius bar” – knowing full well I was there for the battery recall (you know the one where batteries overheat and explode?) – were somehow “mystified” by the fact I noticed my battery was getting scary hot – like in a “burn your skin whilst in shorts” kind of way. “Huh, really? That’s unusual.” What fucking duplicitous useless idiots – seriously? Lawyer-up much?

I have a bad feeling I should have cut my losses and just bought a new computer. Of course what would I buy? Since that decrepit, virtue-signalling moron Timmy Cook took over, Apple has gone to shit. What’s left? Windows? Fucking Ubuntu?

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