Jen Gennai: Posterchild for Section 230 Reform

Jen Gennai is Irish and the Head of “Responsible Innovation, Global Affairs at Google”. I don’t know whether Ms. Gennai has taken the U.S. Naturalization exam, but studying for that civics test, one will find many references to America’s cherished freedoms of speech and expression.

I don’t think Ms. Gennai has much regard for America’s freedoms, or the rights of it’s people to select their own leaders. Indeed, Ms. Gennai has been exposed by Project Veritas as being one of the primary movers behind the effort to silence opponents of the progressive globalist agenda. She wants to make sure that Google does everything in it’s considerable power to prevent Donald Trump from being reelected through information control and censorship.

You didn’t vote right, stupid, so Jen Gennai’s gonna fix that for you.

Ms. Gennai believes we were “all screwed over in 2016” and further thinks that Google needs to prevent another “Donald Trump situation” from reoccurring in 2020. Some might call this “election meddling”. Others might consider it to be a violation of campaign finance law – undeclared like-in-kind contributions to specific parties or candidates. However one classifies Google’s activities, it makes the “Russia Election Meddling” clown car rehashed ad nauseum by the media and the Mueller team look like preschool hijinks.

Gennai is quite clear that Google has deliberately defied Congressional requests to testify, saying that Google will never change their behavior, and so why waste their (Google’s) valuable time? Ms Gennai appears to believe that she and her employer are above the law.

It doesn’t really matter whether you like Donald Trump or not – or any other party or candidate. This is about the raw exercise of corporate power by unelected people to control what you say, see, and hear in the hopes that they can change election results to their political liking – and it should scare the living hell out of you.

I’ve written previously about the need for Section 230 reform, and will not rehash that topic here. But Google’s naked abuse of the CDA’s protections, it’s aggression against the U.S. political process and the voters, and it’s flaunting of Congressional power illustrate the need for timely and decisive bipartisan action.

2 thoughts on “Jen Gennai: Posterchild for Section 230 Reform”

  1. Sadly Ireland, as a small nation, is dominated by complete ijiots. They voted to kill their own babies at the same time as importing millions of immigrants who are against abortion and have 5 or 6 or 7 kids. Ireland has 30 years left.


  2. Self righteous woman has made herself the arbiter of what will and wont happen in the next election. She would be ashamed of herself if she had a sense of shame.

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