Another Reason to Dump Social Media

If the corrosive toxicity, dystopian censorship, or living in an information bubble of no utility were not enough, how about the banning of non obscene common words devoid of context? Jack Dorsey, sovereign lord of Twatter has issued a command that henceforth, the word “Honk” violates “community standards – no shit.

Honk Ban
No Honk for you!

To clarify, “Honk” has become part of a popular meme on social media to denote “Clown World” – a cynical commentary on the state of public political and social discourse. Since it is being used by critics of the Lords of Silicon Valley, it is now forbidden.

Can the Newsspeak Dictionary be far behind? Are we witnessing it’s inevitable evolution? When can I get the hardbound edition?

Welcome to Clown World
Doubleplus Doublethink Required

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