Electric vehicles emit more CO2 than diesel

Well color me shocked (OK, not really)! A new German study shows what should have been common sense – that the power plants that supply energy for recharging electric vehicles, means that electric cars are NOT “green”. Moreover, the emissions generated in the manufacturing process for EV batteries must be added to our CO2 output, since that represents the total emissions “cost” of the vehicle.

In short, the endpoint for emissions merely shifts – just because the vehicle itself produces no emissions, does not mean no emissions or waste streams are created from their operation or manufacture. Indeed, the inefficiency of EVs translates into even HIGHER emissions than a plain old diesel engine.

EVs are NOT perpetual motion machines, kids.
My personal favorite…


“So maybe Elon Musk’s plan to save the world with electric cars is the biggest scam of our lifetime…”

Ja, ya think? That’s only taken 20+ years for the geniuses running our government and academia to figure out?

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