Data Science Illustrates the Failure of Progressive Social Policies

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

So with that thought in mind, I present the “Shit Map” of San Francisco, California

San Francisco – Lovely city by the Bay, or Shit City?

The “Shit Map” is designed to allow residents of the Bay Area to self-report sightings of human feces in places where it should not be (e.g. a sidewalk say). In addition to graphically illustrating, well – where the shit is, the map raises questions as to why San Francisco has so much of it in its’ public spaces?

Perhaps one possible explanation is that municipality’s nearly obsessive deference to homeless people whom they seek to accommodate and “rehabilitate”, even if it is at great expense to the public purse and health.

I realize that correlation is not necessarily causation, but as the City has become ever more vigorous at “helping” the homeless, the problems of Shit City appear to have only worsened:

Things are Getting Poopier!

Presently San Francisco spends $72 million annually on “street cleaning” of which approximately $12 million is spent on dealing with homeless encampments and related sanitary issues.

Well that’s pretty shitty.

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