Solving a Multilib Problem

In a misguided attempt to provide a user with a newer version of zlib on a CentOS 6 server, I installed a zlib-1.2.5-codice rpm. This then impacted every single application updated or installed that relied on the libz libraries. Later, I discovered that the codice install was causing issues with compiling some software due to a misalignment between codice 64-bit and zlib 32-bit – a multilib problem.

The best (and least destructive) way to remove the offending multilib is to use the following:

yum downgrade zlib
yum clean all

In my case, after downgrading (effectively removing the zlib codice library), I compiled an alternate newer version of zlib from source and made it available via the GNU modules system for the user. That kept my core image pristine.

I would STRONGLY advise you against using the widely disseminated and “obvious” solution:

rpm -e zlib-1.2.5-codice --no-deps

This will likely just break your system as anything installed after the multilib was installed that is dependent upon that library may not function correctly thereafter.

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