Convert Files in Windows with ImageMagick

An interesting problem – a researcher had a pile of tif files she wanted to batch convert to jpg/jpeg. In the Linux world we use ImageMagick, which is available for Windows, but the Windows command line environment can’t hold a candle to bash.

Here’s the solution:

  1. Download ImageMagick for Windows and install
  2. Place your tif files in a directory
  3. Change to your image file directory and run the following command from the command prompt:

    for /r %i in (*.tif) do magick %i %i.jpg 

The only small snag is you will have a file named: “something.tif.jpg”

There is probably a simple solution to get rid of the “.tif” bit, but magick did not want to accept a wildcard destination of “*.jpg”, and I hate Windows, so this quick-and-dirty was a nice solution, and the user didn’t mind.

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