The Silicon Valley False Flag Operation to Suppress Voters and Blame Russia

The Washington Post reported today that Linked-In founder Reid Hoffman financed a false flag disinformation operation using social media to influence the Alabama Senate primary election. The principal target was GOP primary candidate Roy Moore, and one of the goals of the operation was to:

…suppress unpersuadable Republicans (hard R’s) and faction moderate Republicans by advocating for write-in candidates. Our goal was to move 50,000 votes.

Billionaire Linked-In founder Hoffman has claimed this was merely some sort of “scientific experiment”, yet states in the memo reproduced herein that they:

…ran a digital messaging operation to influence the outcome of the AL Senate race in August 2017“.

Reid Hoffman's Project Birmingham Memo
Reid Hoffman’s Project Birmingham

Specific groups were targeted for voter suppression, especially “evangelicals” in whom they hoped to evoke “disgust and depress turnout”. Hoffman and his operatives then proceeded to blame the social media campaign on Russia – fueling support for the Mueller probe and bolstering the Russia Collusion narrative.

Voter suppression is a felony under the Civil Rights Act of 1871.

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