Surprise, Surprise, Facebook Monetizing User Data

U.K. lawmakers released  a trove of documents revealing that Facebook has been monetizing (selling) confidential user data.  This should surprise…..absolutely no one.  The only real question is why is Facebook being targeted alone, and why now?

Zuck Sells Your Data

Zuck Sells Your Data

Google is known to have been monetizing user data for years – it’s right there in all of those fine-print user agreements.  Same with Twatter and essentially every other social media platform.  Same with your State and Federal governments, who sell statutorily mandated data for licenses and other official permits, including digitized photographs.

Your “personal data” is no longer your own, and you are compelled to release it to those who would profit from it.  All the while, these same institutions claim to “care” about your privacy, and we wittingly or unwittingly exchange our identities for free shit or just so we can drive on the roads to go to work.

Private data protections are desperately needed and overdue.  But don’t hold your breath – everyone is making money on your life except you.

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