Airport WiFi Putting You at Risk

Israeli cybersecurity company Coronet has released a report on the threat to travelers using WiFi at airports across the United States.  Major airports are ranked by threat level, and recommendations are provided for mitigating malware and eavesdropping risks to personal electronic devices.

Top 10 Most Vulnerable Airport WiFi Systems

10 Most Vulnerable Airport WiFi Systems (Click to Enlarge)

One item not mentioned in the report – the ease with which a malicious actor can create a false access point by setting up a man-in-the-middle attack using a device like a WiFi “pineapple”.

My personal advice is to always, always, always use a VPN when connecting to ANY public WiFi network.  This will encrypt your connections to a secure “exit node” so any middleman eavesdropper will be unable to decipher your activity.

Beware – WiFi pineapple’s are relatively cheap, and easy to use.  Legitimate uses include penetration testing and network diagnostics, but for about $100 bucks, even a relatively unsophisticated hacker can intercept and read all of your non-encrypted communications.  Public WiFi networks are especially vulnerable.

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