The Mini Ice Age: “Oh my God, we’re all gonna die!!”

Low sun spot activity – it’s all the rage today in the hysterical global news media.  Lots of terms are being tossed about like “Mini Ice Age”; it’s going to get “very very cold”, and of course every idiot’s favorite: “Climate Change!”.  The quasi historical reference used to surmise that global temperatures will get frosty relates specifically to an event that occurred between roughly 1645 and 1715 known as the “Maunder Minimum“. During that time, there were several years of cooler than normal temperatures which coincided with an observed decrease in sun spot activity. It was NEVER conclusively shown that decreases in sun spot activity necessarily lead to “Mini Ice Ages” or even significant disruptions in global climate.  In fact, the scientific consensus is that most of the cooling observed during the Maunder Minimum was most likely attributable to increased volcanic activity.

The Mini Ice Age? Or Hysterical Media Meltdown?

The Mini Ice Age? Or Hysterical Media Meltdown?

Even the term “Mini Ice Age” is held in contempt by legitimate scientists, because it implies a sustained period of well-below-normal temperatures, that led to substantive changes on the surface of the earth. Just to be perfectly clear – THIS DID NOT HAPPEN during the Maunder Minimum.  In fact, there were even a few years recorded during that period that exhibited record setting high temperatures, and many years that were well within the band of “normal”.

There are dolts at NASA, JPL and other politically adulterated institutes of (junk) science saying maybe if we’re lucky, “Global Warming may save us” – gag.  Indeed, we are being admonished to “hurry up” and solve Global Warming by wrecking national sovereignty, redistributing wealth to the developing world, and generally leading miserable lives of deprivation – “while we have this brief opportunity” offered by the “Mini Ice Age”.

I think once one considers that last thought, it becomes clear what this is all about – we are using an unproven and not universally accepted theory (low sun spot activity makes things colder), to create hysteria about a “Mini Ice Age” (which isn’t actually an Ice Age), to solve with vigor an even more dubious (i.e. utter bullshit) “problem” (Global Warming).

My tentative conclusions:

  1. Global warming is still bullshit – it is junk science being used as leverage to promote globalism and Marxist redistribution ideals
  2. The impending “Ice Age” isn’t, and I’m not going to lose much sleep over it. Odds are, you won’t hear about it again after Spring 2019.
  3. British newspapers are still dog shit.
  4. Politics and the media are still ruining science.

Stay warm!

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