Zerobit Finally gets Busted

Back in January 2013 I wrote an independent review and test of Mackeeper. In that review, I noted that my tests showed it did NOT do what it claimed, caused operating system damage, and was generally, just a colossal ripoff.

Now at last we have “official” confirmation of all of the above. So much so in fact, that it appears that Zerobit has been slammed by a successful class-action lawsuit. Word is they will soon be compelled to offer refunds (let’s see how that works out).

To make matters worse, Mackeeper has another nifty feature that no one (other than blackhats) knew about – the ability to shove tons of malware through a backdoor, er, I mean, hole, and onto your computer. Hmmm, wonder if the Zerobit devs in the Ukraine have any connection to the people running the exploits? Inquiring minds do want to know…

But this brings me to an interesting question: how many untold “professional tech reviewers” published rave 4 and 5 star reviews of this piece of horse shit? A lot, let me tell you. I noticed at the time of my review, that most of those lovely “pros” wrote almost the exact same reviews, with just slightly different wording. It was almost like someone else wrote them, or maybe they were just regurgitating talking points? Hmmm..

Again I ask, of what integrity have these reviews or the reviewers?

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