Online Reviews have ZERO Integrity

Just in case you have ever wondered how online reviews of a product or service can be so different from actual consumer experience, let me fill you in – they are mostly bogus. Indeed, as this 2014 story about a Yelp study of online reviews illustrates, it is estimated that about 30% of online reviews are fake. I would propose that the numbers are far worse than that.

Last week, I posted a scathingly honest review of Dreamhost, and decided I would write a much tamer version for the host review section of WordPress Beginner. No over-the-top vulgarities, personal attacks, threats, or other “comment policy” review killers – just the honest facts from my experience with a clear lead on my frustration. In fact, in a support ticket follow-up, Dreamhost even suggested I write of my experience, so I did.

Not unsurprisingly, my review was NEVER published. Indeed, if you read the reviews at wpbeginner, they are all of the 5-star “Dreamhost is teh awesome” variety – very few negatives. In short, not credible in the least.

So when shopping for a webhosting service, an iPhone lightening cable, or the best burger joint, keep that in mind. Many reviews are as phony as a $3 bill – Caveat emptor.

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