Current Price List

All tune-up and software repair services are performed by an experienced professional. I do NOT use blind auto-scans. I diagnose your problem correctly to target the right solution. This gives you the best chance of retaining your data and programs.

Tune-ups$40 - $100
 Includes: (assumes virus-free, no major system corruption)
  • Malware and virus scan
  • Basic system security check
  • Removal of junk files and nuisance-ware
  • Systems and services tweak
  • Disk health check
  • “Bloatware” removal
  • Basic hardware scan
Diagnostics & Repair
(hardware repairs extra)
$110 - $150
 Includes: All of the tune-up services, plus
  • Operating system repair
  • File system repair
  • Application repair
  • Identify hardware failures
Virus Removal$80 - $200
 Includes: All tune-up services, plus,
  • Removal of viruses
  • Installation of free security software
  • Security configuration
  • Repair of file/operating system, as needed
Website Development$50 / hour
  • Site development/completion
  • Contact forms
  • Databases
  • Site ranking/search result enhancements
  • Mobile sites
Install Drive w/ Operating System
(does not include drive)
  • Install new drive hardware
  • Format and partition drive
  • Install base operating system
  • Install and configure security, drivers, networking
Install Additional Internal Drive
(not including drive)
  • Install new drive hardware
  • Format and partition drive
  • Verify drive integrity and operation
  • Does NOT include operating system or software installation
Data Recovery$20-$120
  • Recover lost files or directories to the extent possible. Price depends on severity
Software Installation$20 ea. or $50/hr
  • Install, configure and perform basic test of software (provided by customer, or free download)
Hardware Diagnostics Only$50
  • Determining the cause of hardware or software related problems. Does not include repairs or tune-up services
Virtualization Package$80
  • Setup and configuration of virtual machine
  • Installation of one guest operating system
Networking Services and Consultation$50/hr
  • Diagnosis and correction of network related problems (e.g., wifi, router)
  • Small LAN planning
  • Installation and setup of repeaters/bridges/modems
Services Not Listed$50/hr
 Call for an estimate.
  • Minimum consultation fee of $50 applies to requests involving detailed work plan development.