How are you different than the big box stores?

For starters, I'm an experienced professional and I know what I'm doing. Many clients tell me they have brought their machines into one of these tech "chop shops" and had their computer returned with the same or worse problem than when they brought it in. PLUS, they've spent well over $100. That's because the "techs" in these shops pop an automated scan-and-fix disk into your computer, and then walk away. When it's done, they pop the disk out and hand you a bill. They don't understand what they're doing, aren't paid or trained properly, and as such, you will frequently find the job wasn't done right. I perform a personal analysis of your computer, and will test it thoroughly. A real person, doing the job. I also provide you with an "after-action report" - this explains what I found, what I did, and what I recommend. There is total transparency.

I hate the techno-speak. Can you explain what you've done so I can understand it?

Yes! in my "day job" I work with people of many different skill levels, and even non-native speakers of English. Einstein is reported to have said: "If you can't explain something simply, you probably don't understand it". Very true indeed. I have worked with "typical IT guys" and I don't like them (hey, I'm a bastard you know). They toss buzzwords around and generally like to find the hardest and most exotic way to do something. I KNOW that without YOU (the user), there is NO reason for guys like me to exist. It's about YOU, what you want, and what you want to accomplish - period.

Why do they call you the "Computer Bastard" anyway?

Well, my wife is the Waxbitch so it seemed like a good idea.