About The Bastard

I began programming computers in 1976 on a rented IBM 1130 scientific computer (shown left). My high school was skeptical about the program, and there were no formal classes offerred. To learn how to use the 1130, we had to give up our Saturdays or come in after school. Once we were deemed competent enough to not damage the expensive machine, we came in during study halls or weekends to use it. I remember the school board tried to kill the IBM off every year, generally so they could buy new football uniforms. But somehow we managed to hang on.

My love of computers and programming never left me, and always figured prominently in all my future endeavors. Through 20 years as a groundwater scientist and 10 more as a bioinformatics computational specialist working with genomics researchers. I have a M.S. degree in Computer Science from Michigan State University, and have worked on everything from small electronic dataloggers, up through laptops, desktops, enterprise grade file systems, and supercomputing clusters.

My passion is to make your hardware and software work for you the way you need it to, at a fair price.

For those interested in my scientific work, please checkout my Bioinformatics Wiki at MSU